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Don’t Settle for Safe By Sarah Jakes Roberts (Book Review)

Don’t Settle for Safe: Embracing the Uncomfortable to Become Unstoppable
By Sarah Jakes Roberts
208 pages
Published April 18th, 2017 by Thomas Nelson

Sarah Jakes Roberts is a popular and profound speaker, business woman, media personality and best-selling author. She is the author of “Colliding with Purpose”, “Dear Mary” and “Lost and Found”. Reading her words can be an invaluable and impactful experience just like hearing her speak or preach. I tried to play the “in one word’ game with ‘Don’t settle for Safe’ but I couldn’t. It is almost impossible to describe the entire book in just one word. Sarah, as usual poured out her heart and soul in a very clear and transparent way into every sentence of the book, so much that you must pause so many times to let the wisdom sandwiched in her words sink into your mind.

The book is perfect for women at different levels of growth. It brings you face to face with your uncomfortable growth edges and graciously allows you to take stock of your life which gives you the knowledge and the courage to walk through what you must and let go of what needs to be released. Chapter one to nine is a worth while healing and interesting journey for anyone who needs to step out of their comfort zone into the uncomfortable where better and greater heights of self-development and growth lie.

I find it difficult to choose a favourite chapter because each chapter was spectacular, but these chapters spoke to me the most: Chapter 5- ‘Frienemies’ and Chapter 9- ‘Intimacy’. I must say that Sarah is a ministry! Her testimony has given her words so much depth and grace that they effortlessly penetrate your soul and bring you healing from the inside out. From chapter one, she helps you see all the places and areas where you probably have unknowingly thrown in the towel and she helps you dig up any excuses you may have buried or tagged on your life and purpose. She uses her experiences to highlight the fact that we all have weeds and if we do not pull them out they would transform into detrimental patterns that might sabotage our destiny. Her words would also give you the courage to confront your patterns even those rooted in your family tree, so you can make amends and possibly become your family’s kinsman redeemer.

Finally, this book would cause you to dig really deep and you may have to stain some pages with your tears but sometimes, the journey to finding and unleashing the purest version of your self can be painful but it’s always worth it. I admire the blend of vulnerability and passion Sarah puts into her words. In all, she takes you on a deep soul inventory where you find the strength and courage to embrace the uncomfortable, and then in her very classy and pleasant way, she takes your hand and leads you back to the centre; GOD, where you find the grace to become unstoppable.

Here are a few quotes by Sarah Jakes Roberts from “Don’t Settle for safe”

The bridge from who you once were to who God has ordained you to be is created from bricks of vulnerability, humility as strong as a mortar, and master plan so perfect even the things that once hurt you would serve you in making you better.

Surviving painful experiences is good but the danger comes when we do not take time to recover.

Many of us unwittingly give power away by living in a version of our stories that only leaves room for us to be the victim-such moment do not have to become your identity.

Life requires that you view your parents not as lenses who let you down but as humans trying to get things right despite their struggles.

The relationships we choose to keep and invest in reflects how we see ourselves.

If you recognise that people hurt you whether intentionally or unintentionally because of their brokenness, you would begin to have a level of empathy towards them. That empathy does not relieve the pain they have caused you, but it helps you release them.

When you become so consumed with counting what is going wrong in your life that you do not take time to truly appreciate what is going well you invite despair.

The first step to fulfilling your purpose is allowing yourself to have one.

You should never enter a relationship with someone you would not want to become.

Growth requires the discipline to do what most people can not because they are unwilling to risk discomfort.

It was a great privilege to glean from the wisdom wrapped up in the past, experiences and life of Sarah. I must say it was an exceptional and thoughtful read. I recommend it for all women! Chiiilllee If you haven’t read “Don’t Settle for Safe”, you are missing out. Trust me, you would absolutely appreciate and love it!

Thank you, Sarah Jakes Roberts, for sharing your story, journey, wisdom and lessons with us through this awesome book! God Bless you!

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