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5 Podcasts For Every Lady

Hello ladies!
I would like to share with you all my newest obsession and that is PODCASTS!!!! I know they are nothing new, but I personally subscribed to the whole idea a few months ago. I have always been more of a visual person which is why I love watching YouTube videos (a lifetime obsession of mine BTW) and I would share that in some other post but today let’s talk Podcasts! The beauty of them is that you can have a word and a message on the go, I listen to them while I walk to get a cab to work or while I do chores at home and they’ve blessed my life. Asides from hearing the word of God on the go which is what I love most about it, I get to connect to some of my favourite churches and preachers around the globe, but I also love that I can find something to listen to on a variety of topics such as business which I also love.

Today I would like to share with you 5 Podcast I believe every woman should listen to, they would bless you, edify you and draw you closer in your walk with God. Let’s begin:

1) My first is the Proverbs 31 Ministries podcast. Their slogan is literally ‘Biblical truths for any girl in any season’. It so beautiful that no matter what stage you are in your life, you can relate to what is being shared on this podcast. Its spirit filled, interactive and relatable. Its hosted by ladies like you and I who learn together, share life experiences and struggles so we understand that we are not alone, and we have a safe space to grow together. It fun and funny plus is makes a great company while taking a walk or a quiet time during your personal devotions.

2) The next is none other than the Woman Evolve podcast hosted by the one and only Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts whom I love and adore. This podcast is like having a special girl time with SJR and a hundred other ladies around the world, there’s fun chit chat, there’s a ‘snack’, prayer and plain old humor. When you need to take it easy and just enjoy God’s word in a simple, unrehearsed environment then this is the podcast for you.

3) The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: For all the female entrepreneurs in the house this is the podcast for you. At HSD, we are a generation of women that are thriving in all areas of our lives including our business so if God has called you to be His representative in business then this is the podcast for you. You would learn God’s principles for business and live the idea of ‘hustling’ behind and embrace the grace of God.

4) Nourishing Women Podcast: Like I said earlier, HSD is more than just our spiritual growth and wellbeing, its about being well rounded women and that includes taking care of our bodies. I love the laid-back nature of this podcast, were health issues, health trends, diets and our general wellbeing is discussed in a relaxed and relatable way. Its not a boring doctor reading out a bunch of impossible to pronounce medical words, its two ladies, talking it out about what is going on in the world today as it relates to our health and body. Definitely recommend this!

5) The last but certainly not the least is the Flower Mound Women’s Bible Study: This Bible study hosted by Jen Wilkin is new to my podcast list, but I recommend it because it takes you on an in-depth study of the word of God, chapter by chapter, challenging you to know more of God and continue to grow in His word. I for one enjoy listening to people break down the scriptures and present it in new ways I have probably never seen it before. It’s a huge recommendation for sure!

So that’s it ladies, 5 of my favourite podcast for you to listen, learn and grow as we continue in this journey to becoming all that God has called us to be. Today more than ever we find people with busier schedules than before, it becomes even more tasking to make out time to listen to the word of God and take in content that would challenge your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, this is were podcasts come in. My advice to you beautiful ladies (and guys) who are reading this to invest today in good podcasts and build yourself as you go on about your daily life. I most especially enjoy listening churches around the world I feel connected to like Elevation Church, Transformation Church, Potters House and many others, we are one body in Christ and listening to these messages from the comfort of your home is one sure way to stay connected. Please share in the comment section other podcasts you love to listen to, we can’t wait to hear from you!
Stay true to you!



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