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Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Business By Doreen Ayodele (Book Review)

Anyone who has dived into the entrepreneurship world either successfully or unsuccessfully has probably made this statement ‘I wish I knew this before I started my business.’ The entrepreneurially inclined can most likely relate to this and Doreen Ayodele shares your sentiments. Doreen is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Practitioner with over a decade experience in the financial, managerial and tax industry. She is also the Founder of Finance Clinic Consulting Limited which she founded with 2 friends.

In her book ‘Things I wish I knew Before I started My Business’ Doreen delves into the heart of the struggles many entrepreneurs face mainly in the Nigerian context. For those who are already in business, this book is an opportunity to pause and evaluate where you are, what you’re doing, what you aren’t doing or what you can do better. For those yet to start a business, consider this book a gift that takes you several steps ahead in avoiding common business mistakes.

Personally, there were somethings in the book I knew before launching my business this year but there was no one to explain them to me. I was new to setting up a proper business and felt overwhelmed by all the rules, regulations, do’s and don’ts. Something I figured painstakingly on my own, others I didn’t get right and I had to pay the price eventually. That’s why I love this book, the story like pattern makes vital business issues easy to understand and apply. Do you feel like you are lost when it comes to the process of setting up a proper structure for your business or understanding what taxes apply to your business? Has understanding accounting systems and templates made you rethink whether business is for you? I am asking this because I have been there. Before starting my business, I turned to Google for all my answers and to say I got more confused is an understatement. This book makes all of this easy to digest, with or without any business background.

We go on a journey with Sade Williams as she experiences the highs and lows most entrepreneurs encounter. My favourite chapter was seeing all the trouble Sade encountered when she got into business with her friends because the idea of partnerships has always left me quaking in my flats. After reading Sade’s story, Doreen then tells you all you need to know about partnerships in business.

This is a good book to say the least, its one you can read in one siting but I would advise you have to read with a pen and notebook. From the very first chapter you see real life applications you can take from its pages to your business. Everything you need to know about business regulations, financial management, pricing, taxation, investment and much more is hidden within the pages of this incredible book. At Her Singles Days, our goal is to see women live their most whole lives, this means been developed not just spiritually and emotionally but in the things you love and are passionate about. If business is yours then this book is a good first step to getting there. It blessed me and I believe it would be a blessing to you too!

Would you like a more detailed breakdown of the book, tell us in the comment section and we would get it right up on the blog. Also, what issues have you encountered in your business? Let us know below. We want to talk with you and share experiences.


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  • Hassana Shuaibu

    This is a really nice review. I should definitely get it for myself. The thought of starting something is so overwhelming, having this information can help to alleviate some of the worries. Thanks for the reveiw

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