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Quit Second-Guessing Yourself (Part 1)

This blog post series is specially written to You, Yes You! God has been speaking to you concerning that idea. You have been preparing and looking out for signs and confirmations. Now you have gotten so many confirmations but the voice of self doubt in your head has left you in a pendulous state. How long do you want to pitch your tent in the valley of indecision? You know you ought to have started that vision a long time ago and you have already wasted so much time. Darling, can’t you perceive it? time is fast running out! You were created and destined for the mountain top, please, do not allow self-doubt to keep you in a perpetual state of indecision and confusion.

I know you sometimes say to yourself, “Did God really call me?”, “Am I good enough?”, “What if it doesn’t work out?”, “I am not qualified!”, “There are already so many people doing this…”, “What if its not time yet?” “Am I really prepared for this?!”. Your mind has been plagued by a roller coaster of what-if’s! My Dear, isn’t it time you relinquished yourself of these self-sabotaging and overwhelming thoughts?

Yes, I know you feel stuck and what is worse is that this idea will not go away. Its even possible that you have implemented it but after taking one step forward, you shrunk back and took ten steps backward. Sometimes, the pressure and burden in your heart is so mentally exhausting that you even feel like giving up all together. It’s okay! Exhale, yes, literally go ahead and take a deep breath! Stop overanalysing it, give yourself a break, life is not that complicated! God is too faithful to leave you in a constant state of uncertainty. You are too precious to Him!

You have delighted yourself in the Lord and now His beginning to give your heart some cool desires and ideas (Psalm 37:4). You have asked Him to confirm them and He has not only confirmed them, but He keeps reassuring you that you are exactly the one for the assignment. However, like Gideon, that voice in your head has refused to let you step out in faith or flow confidently in your assignment. I know you really want to please the Lord and you do not want to go wrong, which is not bad in itself but now your second-guessing has gone way past self-awareness and introspection, it is becoming paralyzing. Right now, it’s become too obvious, and you know you need urgent help. Relax, let us walk through it together.

First, I would love you to know that God is not an agitated Father waiting to strike you as soon as you slip-up, neither is He mad at you for second-guessing yourself. How do I know? I am a work in progress, I sometimes find myself in the trenches of self-doubt and incessant second-guessing. After several years of battling with this habit, I have learned that second-guessing yourself is only a symptom of a root cause, which is often times fear, anxiety, insecurity, low self-worth or lack of confidence. I am currently unlearning this self destructive habit and I trust God to help me absolutely nip it in the bud as soon as possible.

In Part 2 of this post, I would be sharing some useful tips that have helped me in my process and journey to quit second-guessing myself.

Thank you for reading. I’d love to hear from you! Please take a minute to say ‘Hi’ and share your thoughts below. I Love You! Stay firm in the Father’s Love!!


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